Tuesday, 10 November 2015

What Your Wedding Color Says About Your Personality

1. Red Wedding Ideas

If you love red: You operate by the M.O. that bold is always better. Passionate, fiercely loyal, impulsive, and a natural-born leader, odds are that your wedding will be luxe and dramatic (in the best possible way.

2. Orange Wedding Ideas

If you love orange: Whether you choose spicy, autumnal hues or bright pops of color, your zest for life and fun personality is what friends and family love most about you. Spontaneous, boisterous, and always on-trend, you have boundless energy to burn.

3. Yellow Wedding Ideas

If you love yellow: This color and all of its variations represent spirituality and enlightenment, making it a great choice for matrimony. The yellow bride is cheerful, has a sweet disposition and loves being outdoors—no stuffy receptions for this carefree lady!

4. Green Wedding Ideas

If you love green: You're wise, thoughtful, and level-headed, just like this balanced, harmonized color. Green is a mix of yellow and blue, so brides who favor this choice are affectionate yet refined, with strong principles.

5. Blue Wedding Ideas

If you love blue: The tranquil connotation is true—blue belles are patient, wise, well-balanced, and beloved for their ability to take everything into perspective. The shade of blue that you select indicates whether you're introspective (royal or pale blue) or more of an extrovert (turquoise and aqua).

6. Purple Wedding Ideas

If you love purple: Brides who prefer the royal color family are outgoing, tolerant, witty, fearless and charming. This versatile color can be construed as sweet (lilac, lavender) or passionate (deep eggplant).

7. Pink Wedding Ideas

If you love pink: You're compassionate, sweet, feminine and demure. A diehard romantic at heart, you embody the same qualities as red fanatics, except softened up a bit. Fun fact: Blush pink is the most highly-searched color online, so you're in good company.

8. Black Wedding Ideas

If you love black: Timelessly elegant, noir brides want a wedding that could never be dated from the wedding photos alone. You're classic, mysterious, dignified and sexy in a sophisticated way (there's a reason why starlets like Angelina Jolie rely on it).

9. Rainbow Wedding Ideas

If you answered all of the above: Can't choose just one color? Rainbow-themed weddings have become trendy with unconventional, thrill-seeking brides who want their special day to be anything but cookie-cutter. If you're hesitant to go full-force, add color in small dose

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