Wednesday, 11 April 2012


Vintage simply means something being old-fashioned, classical, or from another time. Of course, it also means the year a wine's grapes were harvested but in terms of a vintage wedding, a vintage theme encapsulates "from another time". This could be the 1980s (if you're that way inclined) or perhaps Victorian times or the 1920s. Whatever tickles your fancy really.
Choose your favourite era from the past and incorporate any aspects of that era into any part of your wedding. It could be something as simple as wearing your mother's or grandmother's wedding dress, or perhaps using material from an old wedding dress in your newly designed and created designer wedding dress. The bridesmaids could be dressed in a style from the era you've chosen and both yourself and your bridesmaids could wear jewellery and accessories from that era.

A Victorian vintage wedding could incorporate a lot of lace, pearls, gloves and brooches. A 1920's vintage wedding could showcase gorgeous birdcage veils, pillbox hats and headpieces that were popular with the ladies back in the day. A 1950's vintage wedding would be great fun with big full skirts and Mary Jane patent leather shoes (with heels of course). Music and entertainment recreated from the era would give your older guests a feeling of nostalgia and your younger guests a taste of something a bit different.

Vintage Wedding Decorations

The decorations are where your vintage wedding will come to life. A mixture of new and old items will be easier to obtain, rather than all old or all new. New items can still fit in with your vintage wedding, as long as they represent your choosen era. For old items you could raid your parent's or grandparent's belongings as there are bound to be some little treasures you could use to decorate your reception venue. Also visit second hand or antique stores for more elusive pieces that you simply must have to add the finishing touches to your vintage wedding.

Some things you can use in decor to bring the theme are as follow

Candelabras with antique carving & crystals
Lace table overlays.
Gold & ivory colors
Lamp centerpieces
Crystal chandliers
Crystal broach on chair covers .