Saturday, 8 June 2013





Good morning! Today I’ve asked the fabulous Wedding Paper Divas for advice on an issue commonly faced by engaged South Asian couples: how can they afford beautiful wedding stationery when the guest list is so large and there are multiple days of events? Every invitation and insert increases the cost, which may leave the paper budget stretched to the brim. Brides and grooms often resort to ordering old fashioned invitations from India that may not suit the couple’s style. (That’s what I did and wish I could’ve had something more chic!) For the blog I wanted to team up with a stylish expert company to help readers who are struggling with the same choices. All photos below are courtesy of the Wedding Paper Divas and are my personal favourites from their Indian wedding invitation collection. Take it away, ladies!
Is your guest list so large that it even rivals the royal wedding? Okay maybe it’s not that extravagant, but this is a special moment for the two of you so none of your nearest and dearest should be excluded from the celebration. However, having a big wedding means you will also have to send out tons of announcements and wedding invitations which will of course cause more damage to your pocketbook. But that doesn’t mean you should conform to cheap quality correspondence in order to cut costs either. Believe it or not, you don’t have to dish out beaucoup bucks if you want to get your hands on beautiful bridal stationery. Here are a few simple tips that will keep you from embarking on newlywed life without a negative bank account balance.
To conserve cash, do not send those stunning save the dates to everyone on the guest list. Instead, only mail them to loved ones who live out of town so that they’ll have enough time to make travel arrangements and book hotel accommodations if necessary. By saving money on save the dates, you’ll have more room in your budget for the centerpiece of your stationery suite — the invites. Even though this will be your biggest stationery expense, you can pinch those pennies without lowering your standards by purchasing some affordable wedding invitations. They set the tone for your celebration so you wouldn't want to cut any corners by sending generic cards from the local discount store. Then again, they don’t have to be dipped in gold and sprinkled with diamonds either. Thankfully, thermography printing processes mimic the luxurious texture and appearance of engraved invitations for half the cost. 
Thank you so much ladies for the Diva-licious expert advice. 

Friday, 24 May 2013

Introducing: Feather Bouquets!

Wedding Trend: Feather Bouquets!

For the bride who is looking for something unique and different to add to her wedding decor, adding feathers to her bouquets and floral arrangements may be the answer.  Brides everywhere are using feathers to add texture and dimension creating stunning bridal bouquets.  There are many different types of feather that can be used depending on the overall look and feel of the wedding.

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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Wedding Trends for 2013: Colors, Décor, Theme

We came up with the latest trends for 2013 in the wedding industry starting from the style to decorations, colors, theme, menu etc.

Wedding trends for 2013

Vintage is often used in the weddings, but this year it is going to reign not only in the wedding dress styles, but will also become a big trend in the wedding themes in general. We will probably see the 30s and 40s-inspired themes along with the 20s mark.

Mint was the hottest trend during spring summer season 2012 and it seems to continue during the year 2013 . Besides looking fresh and chic, this has retro feel.

Rainbow hues
In case you don’t want to limit yourself to just one wedding color, you can pick them all. Regardless whether you choose the bold or subdued hues, you can have your bridal party wear the outfits in the colors of the rainbow. Even in case you don’t want to utilize the entire rainbow, you may still choose the bold colors.
Usually called the lovebirds, these sweet creatures have been always associated with romance and love so it is obvious why they perfectly suit all those wedding attributes like the decorations, invitations, cake toppers and centerpieces.

Original background
Lately the outdoor weddings have the beautiful hand-made backgrounds against which you can spell your vows out. These backdrops are the key element of the wedding ceremony decorations and can serve as a stunning background for the first kiss snapshots. backdrop is great way to bring your theme & colors in your event.

Covered centerpieces
In 2013 floral designs and other planted centerpieces are promised to be covered up and caged. Terrarium centerpieces made from the bell jars or glass vases add the contemporary feel to the floral centerpieces.

Lounge areas
Your guest will love the idea with the comfy lounge area at the wedding reception. This could be set both indoors and outdoors.

Mini menus
Consider having appetizers and desserts of mini sizes, which look cool and stylish. Believe me your guests will appreciate the idea of eating the small sandwiches, beverages and desserts. Amaze everyone by presenting the food the original way. The same principle works for the cakes.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

henna Inspired Mehndi Decor

Fun, Festive, and Fabulous: these three words perfectly sum up Mehndi. In the festive spirit of Mehndi, today we are featuring decor inspiration for your Mehndi. I love how the various elements of the decor tie together to create a fabulous ambience: bright orange and fuchsia colored flowers, lush fabrics and overlays, mehndi patterned lamp shades, gorgeous centerpieces, lounge style seating, crystals, candles, and chandeliers.

How fun would this set up be for your mehndi!? The lounge style seating creates a more relaxed environment for your guests, which is definitely more conducive to mingling. I can already imagine a beautiful bride getting mehndi applied on her hands and feet, while her bridesmaids gather around, giggling and chatting.